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TEFAF Bloggers: Where Art Thou?

Yesterday a guy playing his hand organ on the bridge crossing the Maas river in Maastricht suddenly reminded me of the Golden Voice video on youtube. Today I looked for him again, I wanted to claim my viral video. But he was nowhere to be found.

Maastricht is buzzing with TEFAF, an art fair. I have to confess that apart from my #bikeonfence post, I haven’t written all too much on Art with a capital A.

What should the Chrysler’s Superbowl Law tell us about the value of Art living in a time in which we will be forever students of new media? What does the African influence on Picasso and Miro tell us about  the value of Congolese Konono 1 in the eyes of modern art critics?

Here is what you need to know:

“100% of collectors bring museum directors to TEFAF as their art advisors. The custom if for collectors to also allow their advisor to select a piece for their museum which the buyer gives as a gift or gives ‘on loan’”

Let’s see if, like last year, I can find some TEFAF bloggers on- and offline. According to Arcadja art magazine:

“The work that will be most awaited for by collectors and art lovers is definitely Portrait of a Man with Arms Akimbo, one of the last paintings by Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn which is still in private hands, offered for 47 million dollars by the New York gallery Otto Naumann Ldt.”

The Fashion Mom was @TEFAF yesterday and took some great pictures.

Gagacat has some insights on dresscode (no stiletto’s), number of visitors (70.000), quotes from several “people” and off course pictures in his post “pilgrimage to Maastricht”.

Mimi Berlin, I can smell a real blogger when I see one!, gave a great impression of her visit to TEFAF.

Ard Knox, an Art insurance company and sponsor felt like walking on water at TEFAF , whatever you feel like. We won’t stop you.

For those who like cars,  BMW Art Car of Jeff Koons is spotted at TEFAF. A video of the Golden Fleece Collection, you shouldn’t mis. Artproof copied an article from another website (or something). Surreal is the word, collection of pictures you should see. Total value of all art exposed at TEFAF is 2,3 billion. If you are persuing a career in the international Art world, you should definetly read the Sotheby Art blog. Apparently they have sent several students to Maastricht.

In the coming days we will see blogposts by TEFAF visitors, no doubt. I will be on the look out. So make sure you get your blogging act together!

Tourists to Maastricht allways have a hardtime figuring out what they should see. I still do. Visit the statue of liberty on the market or take a biking tour to Vise (wezet) is an idea. For those who want to visit Maastricht for it’s lovely shops I will post my collection of shopwindows tomorrow or next week. So keep checking back this blog for all information on these developments. For questions, don’t hesitate to comment.

Visions of the Apocalypse and Elegant Sex Catch Buyers’ Eyes

Davion Ford of RNW about TEFAF

Tetraktys magazine has some interesting TEFAF details ( and a video of Chinese landscape painting):

“The Delaire Sunrise, the world’s largest Fancy Vivid Yellow Square Emerald Cut diamond, exhibited by Graff. The 118.08 carats diamond was acquired by Laurence Graff in rough form and cutting took almost a year to complete. It is named after the Delaire Graff estate, one of South Africa’s finest vineyards and priced at €18 million.”

Abigail R. Esman, Forbes Magazine, writes about the poshest luxury shopping  spree of the year at TEFAF in Maastricht

Chinese buyers are still rare birds at TEFAF

Todo W Sigety, on the contrary, writes: “China taking over as the number 2 market for art.”

The critical article by New York Times’ Souren Melikian: “At Maastricht, the Great Art Getting Scarce?

Tweedland was at TEFAF and writes Tweedland was here on his blog.

Valuable video’s of TEFAF @ Mondoblog.

Blogpost on the European Fine Arts Fair aka TEFAF by art dealer Gerald Stiebel.

Last year’s TEFAF had an interview by Amanda Eliasch with George Jolles.

Brook S. Mason writes a rich article with lots of pictures, details and anecdotes.

F.R. writes for the economist:

“Bernard de Grunnè, a Belgian specialist in African sculpture, chose to celebrate the Southern Sudanese vote for secession by exhibiting a group of monumental Bongo statues in wood (pictured above).”

Art Maastricht #fietsophek

Een nieuw kunstproject in de stad. Fietsen op originele plaatsen hangen (Of een mislukte immitatie van deze video?).

Wat Is Er Te beleven In Magisch Maastricht?

Bittere kou, mijn handen trilden terwijl ik Magisch Maastricht probeerde vast te leggen. Blauwbekken en koukleumen staat de komende dagen op het programma.  Je kunt natuurlijk ook online genieten van de magie van Maastricht.

Kunstliefhebbers, bezoek de blog van Maastrichtenaar Paul Tiemen. Dagtoeristen kunnen te rade gaan bij de Blog Beautiful Blues, hij verzamelde met behulp van zijn lezers de (voorlopige) lijst “Wat is er te beleven in Maastricht”.

Wat is er deze week in Maastricht te beleven? Of in de komende maand? Als u een niet te missen aktiviteit heeft, meldt dat hier? Als u een blog heeft die we moeten lezen, aarzel niet ons er naar te verwijzen! Ik heb nog geen foto’s van Magisch Maastricht gezien. Begrijpelijk met deze kou, je kunt de camera nog geen halve seconde stil houden. Ben toch benieuwd wanneer de eerste foto reportage op Google verschijnt.