Way of The White Swans In Maastricht

The way these two swans drifted into the mystic reminded me somewhat of the song Into the mystic and Indian writings like these:

“The journey of our Soul (the “White Swan”) is the cycle of involution of human consciousness through mind into matter and its subsequent evolution from matter to mind, back to Self-realization. The path of going forth is called pravritti marg where one’s consciousness gets involved in the mind, the senses and the material world. Forgetting its true nature, it garners the experiences of life in its state of avid delusion, as it tastes the desires in this university of the material world. It is buffeted by these attractions and repulsions, after being involved in the best of life, and having tasted the joys and miseries thereof.”

We are still waiting to spot a black swan in Maastricht


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