Hair Proverbs: Add yours!!

If you have a hair proverb which is not yet part of this great  collection of hair proverbs , don’t hesitate to post it below. Let me start by adding my favorite Dutch hair proverb:

“Om een haar versteekt men geen boterpot” which apparently means:

When something good happens don’t care about the cost. (Dutch)

Curly hair, curly thoughts. (Russian)

Even a hair has its shadow. (Roman)

Every hair casts its shadow. (Spanish)

Fair hair may have foul roots. (German)

Gray hairs are death’s blossoms. (English)

Hair does not grow faster by being pulled. (Danish)

How easily a hair gets into the butter. (German)

It’s bad combing where there is no hair. (Dutch)

Long on hair, short on wit. (German)

Short hair is soon brushed. (German)

Those who dye their hair fool only themselves. (Spanish)

Why does a man without hair need a comb? (Spanish)

Over to you my friends. Internet is collaboration, so add your favorite proverb!


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