Maastricht’s Quality Hair Weaving Salon

Maastricht’s quality hair weaving salon serving Limburg, and all of the Euregio:

“Afrosalon in Maastricht contributes our talent towards God’s already beautiful creations. We are master Hairstylists in the Euregio. When you are served in our hair weaving salon you leave with nothing less than the pre-eminent Weave, Short syle, or Relaxer. Whatever your concept of glamour hair is at that time may be, we are sure you will be satisfied.

My intention is to always go that extra mile to help my client maintain healthy stylish hair. Whether you’re feeling the short and sassy look, long-layer diva look, or simply relaxed. These are just some of our services we offer but whatever your style, YOU WILL WALK AWAY CONFIDENT IN YOUR NEW LOOK!”

So, don’t hesitate, walk over to Grote Gracht 14, or take the bus, airplane or car (you can park in Qpark under the Vrijthof at 50 meters of my beautiful salon).


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