Hair Stylist And Colorist In Maastricht

While it kept raining in Maastricht…

I found this very inspiring interview with fellow Hair Stylist Dennis De Souza, who will be working at Prive in NYC August 24-28:

” I’ve actually been in LA for 10 years and about spent six of those years working as a colorist. I was just recently invited to work at Prive in New York by the owner of the salon that heard about me and personally invited me to join his team there. I absolutely love New York, but I don’t think I could live there after living in LA for so long, but the idea of being there for a week every five weeks sounded very appealing.  “

Being a colorist is a specialism not all hair stylist seem to properly value.  It takes precision and knowledge of the products you are working with, in order to get the result you want. I fully agree with Dennis when he says:

“I believe in enhancing the natural hair color, making it look better without changing it too drastically.”

Another great interview you shouldn’t miss is by Rodney Ho with Hairstylist Derek J , who made a strong impression on Chris Rock’s 2009 documentary about black hair “Good Hair” and who runs a Buckhead salon the J Spot. He especially likes crazy stuff.

Natalie Fischer is a theater hairstylist in a small swiss village, Jegenstorf , interviewed by one of her regular customers she sums up the history of fashion trends  in hairstyling during the last 100 years like this:

“That’s no easy question to answer, but I will try. At the turn of the century, around 1900 A.D., the fashion was into pinning the hair up high. People tried in all sorts of ways to build up even higher and more impressive hairstyles. Then in the thirties, people suddenly walked around with short wavy hair. Since, 1950 bopped hair became the fashion. In 1960, the hairstyles looked similar to those of today. Some had their hair long (Beatles) and others short. In the seventies, it seemed to be utterly unacceptable if you didn’t have your hair parted in the middle. After 1980, perms experienced a real renaissance, and since the beginning of the nineties, people have increasingly been asking for colorful hairstyles.”

As you can see, hairstyling is a fascinating business. You got to master numerous techniques, coloring, theater hairstyling, being aware of trends in fashion, participating in TV programs. I receive customers from Berlin and London in my shop at Grote Gracht 14 in Maastricht. It’s easy to reach by airplane, train and car.

I allways aim for the best products: Brasilian hair, top quality coloring and straightening products. Top quality cosmetics. Good advice and appropriate use.  As a professional hair stylist operating at the fronteer of innovative hairstyling of straight and “unstraight” hair, I feel very fortunate when I see customers walk out of the shop with the right color, the right hair extensions, the right weave or dreads etc. Fashionable quailty in hair styling is selfrewarding.


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