Run On Orange Xhosa Dresses From Cape Town

According to Dion Forster, a blogger from Cape Town,  Xhosa married women in South Africa traditionally wear Orange dresses. A gorgeous dress which would also make a great souvenir for Dutch football lovers. To give you an idea,Silma Keys (wife of Mandela’s first minister of finance Derek Keys) made a great painting of  Mrs Majali (wife of another minister I presume) in her Orange Xhosa dress (picture on the left):silma keys

The 27 South Africans and three Dutch citizens, who were accused and arrested at the opening game of the Dutch team against Denmark should have just gone shopping at the local Xhosa wedding boutique to stay out of trouble.  a great souvenir I would say, let’s all run to the store.

Sue from Ethic-E-Thing writes:

“Compliment your dress with a Xhosa wrap, Zulu shawls or beaded headdress, or go the ethnic route with a full Xhosa umbhoco or a  pair of Zulu impondwe pants and shirt. For fun wear a Kaiser Chiefs shirt and helmet blowing your vuvuzela as you enter!”

This xhosa dress apparently has become the dresscode for ladies at the Worldcup final in Johannesburg (Gauteng)

Xhosa Dress

Orange Xhosa Dress £90.00 & hat £50.00 accesories can be bought at the greenwich boutique.

Let’s ambush the ambush marketeers, make the Netherlands proud and put on and dress to impress at the worldcup final.


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