Charles de Batz-Castelmore d’Artagnan Died In Maastricht

Charles de Batz-Castelmore d’Artagnan is a famous character in the novel `The three musceteers` by Alexandre Dumas. On wikipedia we read

D’Artagnan was an unpopular governor, and longed to return to battle. He found his chance when Louis XIV went to war with the Dutch Republic in the Franco-Dutch War. After being recalled to service, d’Artagnan was subsequently killed in battle on June 25, 1673 when a musket ball tore into his throat at the Siege of Maastricht. The French historian Odile Bordaz believes that he was buried in Saint Peter and Paul Church in Wolder, Netherlands

Crossroadsmag has an excellent article on this episode in the history of Maastricht, allthough she is a relittle harsh on Dumas. Jean de la Fontaine apparently even wrote a poem about the imminent war by the sunking against the Netherlands.

Car si le soleil se pique,
Il le leur fera sentir ;
La république aquatique
Pourrait bien s’en repentir.

Someone  told me that French was an important language in Maastricht half a century ago. The local elite spoke French at the time, so I don´t feel obliged to translate for the locals, but ok, it´s something like the ´french version´ of  ´here comes the sun´(George Harrison moet nodig eens bij mij langskomen aan de Grote Gracht om zijn haar te laten knippen).

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