Will I See You in Maastricht At The Art Fair?

As Gerald G. Stiebel, arts dealer from New York, writes on his blog:

“Art lovers from all over the world have booked their accommodations months in advance in or near this little town on the Maas river which has been a center of trade since the Middle Ages. They will meet and greet each other in the huge modern fair facility known as the MECC (Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Center) where TEFAF takes place.”

Andrew Myers writes:

“The World’s Leading Art and Antiques Fair rolls into town from 12 to 21 March “

In addition to art and antiques, Maastricht has a lovely city center, with small streets and a great variety of shops. I am fortunate my shop is located in the heart of town on grote gracht 14. If you want to restyle your hair, get a perm, hair extensions or haircut. Don’t hesitate to leave the fair for a short visit to the heart of town, put your ear to the streets, listen to the gossip and the funny accent of the locals.

You are obviously welcome in my hair salon to get your hair done, even art dealers are welcome. Would love to hear your story both here and in my hair salon. Will I see you in Maastricht?

This recent interview with Titia Vellenga, TEFAF’s Marketing Manager, by Guillaume CHAMPAVERE, gives a good introduction to the art fair.

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