From Liège Guillemins to Maastricht

Taking the train from Liège Guillemins, the trainstation designed by Santiago Calatrava, to Maastricht is a half hour ride. I remember arriving in Liège at the trainstation at the end of september, little did I know it had just been inaugurated. We learned in november that Servatius’ Project “Campus Maastricht” by the same architect is not going through because of financial problems, in Rio de Janeiro on the other hand Santiago Calatrava is going to build the “Museo del Mañana”.

When you arrive at the trainstation in Maastricht, Afrosalon is at approximately ten minutes walking distance. You can off course take bus 3,4 or 9 that stops in front of Albert Heijn on “markt” where the market takes place every wednesday and friday (Just around the corner you will find Afrosalon at Grote Gracht 14).

Arrivé à la Gare de Maastricht, le salon de coiffure “Afrosalon” est à dix minutes de marche, (regardez la carte). Vous pouvez biensur prendre le bus 3,4,9 qui s’arette devant le Albert Heijn qui se situe sur “markt” ou le marché se tient chaque mercredi et vendredi (à cinq pas du magasin Grote Gracht 14).


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