Carnival Of Hair Extensions

As you all know, the “largest Carnival in the Netherlands” is approaching. This Carnival “Karneval Maastricht” will take place 13 february in Maastricht (mestreech for the locals).

This blog intends to be a “Carnival Of Hair”, collecting information on great Hair blogs from across the globe. Connecting with passionate hair artists, both in the Netherlands, but also across the border: in Belgium, in Germany, in France, in Africa, and even across the Atlantic.

Just to get us in to the “Carnival mood” let’s take a look at “Hair N Lashes Carnival” for their definition of beauty.
To get some inspiration for your hairdo, the “Photos of Chantal Biya’s Hair” (Cameroon’s first lady) blog

Leaving after the vespers service by Pope Benedict XVI in Yaounde, Cameroon on March 18, 2009.
Photo Credit: Christophe Simon / AFP / Getty Images
Photo Origin: Chantal Biya’s official Facebook fan page

3 responses to “Carnival Of Hair Extensions

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  2. This is something which you can seen on daily basis , so much excitment there that people love to watch those model wearing the hair ekstension . And you know if someone like to choose from best and better then there is no preference .

  3. true linella, interesting site you got.

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